If a guardian or an individual would like a comprehensive report on an explorer’s lexile level, an explorer can take the Houghton Mifflin Reading Inventory. After completion, the customer will get an immediate result and a list of recommended books that corresponds to an explorer’s reading level.

Writer's Workshop

If an explorer chooses to receive more personalized feedback and tips from mentors.

These workshops can center on a variety of topics. We want this service to be a fun and open space for explorers to use their creativity and to recognize writing as an expression of self that conveys their voice, opinions, and ideas to others.

There are three forms of the Writer’s Workshops:

Project – Based Learning (PBL) Workshop – These workshops can focus on a long-term project or goal such as completing a short story or fiction piece.

Book Workshops – Explorers will practice text analysis by creating a variety of writing samples such as essays, short answers, creative writing, which center on one book. 

1:1 Writer’s Practice – These workshops are 1:1 opportunities between an explorer and mentor to work on specific areas that an explorer would like support with.

1:1 tutoring

Tutoring creates a space for a personal relationship between an explorer and a mentor. Through this relationship, explorers will gain the confidence to think for themselves, to ask their own questions, and to express themselves to others. Moreover, through the support of a mentor, an explorer will have more practice with reading comprehension and analytical skills.

The mentor will be in consistent contact with the guardian to offer progress updates and to collaborate on how to create the best learning environment for the explorer.

Capstone Project/Competition

With this service, explorers will have the chance to take their journey a step further and participate in either a capstone project or a competition. These choices allow explorers to gain an even deeper understanding of the book while choosing what they would like to learn further.

Through the capstone project option, we believe that explorers will have the space and resources to integrate more of their own creativity and imagination into their learning process. Once the project is complete, the explorer will be able to present their work to a panel of mentors and can be showcased on our website and social media.