Let's build up together our learning community


We are looking to expand our content and our team with great talents who have creative and innovative minds like you. We focus on community, empathy, and collaboration in order to create quality services that meet the needs of our learners.  We are interested in partners, individuals and institutions who are:

Passionate about the learning process
Kind, creative, analytical, and honest

Master Teachers

We are looking for educators who love collaboration and are passionate about the things they teach. As master teachers, you will create presentations, video recordings, and more for our educational services.


If you enjoy listening to our learner’s bright ideas and want to help them build better analytical skills, join us by leading group live sessions.


Advising is one of the key components for anyone to thrive. Put your experiences to use and provide support to our community members through 1:1 sessions or content creation.


Do you want to reach to a larger market? Do you have a curriculum that it can be teach online? Don’t wait anymore! We can offer you the platform that you need and captive market that can explore your courses.