StoryQuest is a special program derived from the Spirit of Wonder Project, which has been successfully implemented at Boston University. It is designed to bring people together across borders and to help international students with language development, research skills, and cross-cultural understanding. 


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Who is it for?

  • Students 17-20 years old 
  • High school students planning to apply for U.S. colleges and universities 
  • Undergraduate students planning to apply to graduate programs 
  • International students in pathway programs or planning to transfer to the U.S. 
  • High school or undergraduate students who want to learn about and participate in research 

The program will enroll 12-20 students divided into 4 teams.

Program Description

This program has 12 weekly 75-min live online workshops for building language, cultural understanding, research, and communications skills. It also requires approximately 15 hours of time for homework, reading assignments, interviewing, and interaction with your team. 

Participants, teaching assistants, and instructors, coming from the U.S. and China, will share their stories across cultures. Participants will learn skills for interviewing and analysis of conversations and themes. Students will keep diaries and write memos based on their interviews and selected topics. Language coaching will be a part of the weekly process which will include small group interaction and instruction on interview and research techniques.  


Learning Platform

  • Live Sessions: Weekly live classes will be held on DINGTALK 
  • After-class communication: We will set up a communication group and teacher assistants will answer any questions you have. We have TAs in both China and America
  • Class notes: Teacher assistants will distribute the key notes and other course materials

Course Benefits

  • Language acquisition  
  • Qualitative research skills and experience  
  • Understanding of key research concepts (protocol, interview, qualitative analysis, coding) 
  • Opportunities to practice public speaking 
  • Teamwork experience   
  • Recommendation letter 
  • Engaging with world – class educators 
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Opportunities to interview American or international college students in the field of your choice  
  • Students will have the opportunity to apply to the SOW internship program. Acceptance will allow students to join a SOW team for a one year internship  


Academic Advisors: Dr. Stacy Scott, Dr. Lee Chen 

Lead FacultyJoshua Faden – Founder and President of Community of Teachers:  

  • Master’s degree in the Art of Teaching from Trinity University 
  • Founder and President of Community of Teachers
  • 15 + years experience as an educator 
  • Worked with hundreds of students through one-on-one tutoring, in small group instruction, mentoring and coaching experience 

Class TA: Coco

  • Research/interviews: Yang Gao,Miao, Xinyue, Yang Minghdi, Hu Xu
  • Assistant: Tong Shen
  • Language: Sydney and Leila

Additional Info

Program starting date: 

Saturday 9/19/2020 8:30-9:45PM EDT (Beijing Time Sunday 9/20/2020 8:30AM) 

Weekly for 12 weeks.  

Admission Requirements: 

A 250 – word personal statement

A 1-2 minute self-introduction video

Program Cost 

$600 per person   


Open House 

Saturday 9/5/2020 8:30-9:45PM EDT (Beijing Time Sunday 9/6/2020 8:30AM)