Mr. Alan November

International leader in education technology

Alan is an international leader in education technology.

He has helped schools, governments and industry leaders improve the quality of education through technology. Alan was named one of the nation’s fifteen most influential thinkers of the decade by Technology and Learning Magazine. He was listed as one of eight educators to provide leadership into thefuture by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse.

He was selected to speak at the Cisco Public Services Summit during the Nobel Prize Festivities in Stockholm, Sweden. His writing includes numerous articles and two best-selling books, Empowering Students with Technology and Web Literacy for Educators. Alan was co-founder of the Stanford Institute for Educational Leadership Through Technology and is most proud of being selected as one of the original five national Christa McAuliffe Educators.

Get to know your Linker


A Linkers is a student or recent graduate of the most prestigious schools in the United States that offer students the opportunity to explore and learn from their personal experiences through iABC principles and a robust methodology.

Support and guidance

Improves student self-esteem and confidence because it validates the student’s learning journey. It encourages and helps the student to maintain study habits.


The student or the student’s parents can select the Linker that best aligns with the student’s profile; it is recommended that a Linker intervene at least 12 months before they travel abroad and during their stay abroad.


A linker facilitates the self-exploration of the student’s learning interests, where it encourages interdependence in a safe environment. It uses innovative tools that allow students to know and explore information to multiply their opportunities for cultural adaptation and learning.


A Linker is like the older brother or sister who, through personalized support, identifies the student’s needs and guidance through information and recommendations to help them achieve their personal goals. A linker connects the student to be one step ahead of their learning journey.

Linkers Prime

What are the deliverables?

  1. Private Microsoft Teams channel for your school or organization
  2. Individual learning profile built with a pair of Linkers
  3. Personalized learning objectives with realistic, time-bound results
  4. Weekly 1:1 meetings with Linkers
  5. Frequent online chats/posts with Linkers
  6. Webinars by Linkers and/or guest speakers
  7. Webinars by Linkers and/or guest speakers
  8. Interest groups and clubs facilitated/guided by Linkers
  9. Inside information about academic and social life in American colleges and universities
  10. Resources and programs recommended by Linkers based on research or institutional knowledge
  11. Free access to BookQuest recordings (a $5,000 value!)
  12. Free access to multiple HMH reading inventory assessments
  13. Opportunities to connect with GTL peers, teachers, tutors, coaches, mentors, experts, and other community members

GTL provides you
a smart solution

The GTL community is founded on the principles of acceptance, respect, support, and encouragement. Through this service, a student can meet our Linker team composed of students and graduates of top U.S. colleges and universities. A Linker is like the older sibling who identifies the student’s needs and provides personalized guidance.

The Linker and student will build a long-lasting relationship of support by exchanging information, recommendations to help one achieve their personal goals, and personalized tutoring sessions. Our Linkers will connect your student so that they are one step ahead of their learning journey.


There are three levels

for the Linker Service experience.








Public Level

Public level

Through the iABC plaza, you will get free access to general presentations made by our Linker team. Parents, teachers, and students are all welcome to join and interact with some of our Linkers. Every week, a new presentation will be released that can cover various topics: the campus experience, the process of picking a major, studying strategies, tips for college applications, and more.

Make your dream a reality;

start by joining GTL Learner Sprint Services subscription service:

GROUP level

One Linker will lead a team of 10-15 students. Students can choose one team per quarter by checking linkers’ profiles under iABC plaza or attending different public presentations. Eight workshops of 45 minutes each will be held in one quarter. Linkers will lead one team workshop per week to help students explore themselves and discover other students’ strengths and learn from each other. Students are encouraged to attend these interactive live workshops. However, if they miss one, they can also watch the recording at any time.

The themes can be rich, including

Group Level

 How to develop a spike/ How to motivate yourself with interests

 Learning methods/ English learning

 Creativity & innovation

 Research experience

 Goal setting/ time arrangement

 How to do an interview

 How to make caring commons

 How to express your thoughts/ make connections

 Preparations before studying abroad

Linkers can set and adjust the course content according to their own experience and ideas.

These topics are covered within all Linkers Teams, but the approach can be different. Two linkers could get in pairs to work on the same presentation/workshop. They can have a feedback session between linkers to comment on each other’s design and help each other.




On this level, Linkers can help learners build learning profiles by reviewing the intake form, a thirty-minute interview and the communication between the student, their guardian, and the Linker Team.

This allows Linkers to get to know the students in detail, help them solve specific problems, make personal plans, assess their progress, strengthen their learning circles, and encourage them to break out of their comfort zones.

Learners can check all Linkers’ available time slots on Microsoft Booking and make an appointment. Students can book one-to-one meetings with their group’s Linker but are encouraged to interact with more excellent linkers.

Personal Level


Our providers are not only skilled at sharing their knowledge but also are keen to learn from their students. Our platform is build for students, who want to find the beauty and joy of learning and thinking together!

Public Level


We will work with you to enhance and enrich opportunities to support your changing learning needs and challenges. A Provider is an individual or an organization that offers content, skills, assessment, or other activities that meet learner’s needs.

Our providers are teachers, professors, schools, universities, educational companies that are interested in teaching or engaging with secondary school students.


To join our Learning Community $990 per cycle (four weeks).

Content – Skills – Assessment

Once you join our learning community you will find free content and paid content. You are not alone, our Linkers and Providers will help you to find the program that will help you to nurture your potential.

In addition you can find specialized services. The prices vary depending on the mentor and their content.


HM Reading Inventory Assessment is a low-stress tool to draw paths to success. If you are interested in improving your reading levels and tracking your progress, you may sign up for our HMH Reading Inventory and reading skills tutoring program, which focuses on improving reading comprehension and Lexile score.


BookQuest is an interactive virtual book club of great literature designed to address the shortcomings in traditional approaches in reading, which is usually a solitary assigned experience, lacking expert guidance, and causing a dissociation between reading and expression of thoughts.


Guided research is for talented high school students to conduct individualized college level research. We offer diverse research disciplines across STEM, the social sciences, and the humanities. The program gives high school students the opportunity to collaborate with peers around the world on advanced research projects under the guidance of experts and professors.


Tutoring is a resource that connect students with certified teachers or other qualified facilitators (college faculty, college students, professionals) for one to one or small group instruction on all subjects from grade K-12.


Tell us the courses that you want to build with us and we’ll work with you to design them.


Our program focuses on providing workshops, and individualized guidance for adults who would like advice about their career goals.