2021 Reflections and a Look Towards 2022

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As the year wraps up, many of us take a moment to reflect on the year we leave behind.  

And what a year it was! Navigating the ebb and flow of a seemingly never-ending pandemic has surely had its ups and downs, for myself and I am certain for the rest of the world. Even so, I knew at the start of 2021 I had to take hold of the year in terms of my academics, my work, my life, my friends, and my family. I knew I had to keep striding along and actuate my goals from mere ideas to concrete results–and I can honestly say with pride that I did!  

This journey wasn’t easy and I’m not saying I “completed” any one of these goals, but I know looking back at the past year I am satisfied. I readily see the effort I put into the multiple aspects of my life and the progress I made towards the short and long-term goals I set for myself.  

For example, with my first in-person semester and second year of grad school, I asked myself to be open to new friends, new opportunities, and new perspectives. Not only did I make a myriad of friends ranging in age, background, and field of study, but I created my own opportunities! I became the Vice President of the Harvard Buddhist Community and led my first guided meditation. In terms of new perspectives, I’ve had a complete change in career goal. Before, I wanted to work in a think tank or the UN in a more academic, researcher context. Now, I see myself working closer to people living in the places I study so that I can develop real relationships that will guide me towards intentional, empathetic assistance.  

As the year wraps up, many of us take a moment to imagine what the new year holds. 

When asked by my friend on the first day of January if I had any New Year’s resolutions, I was caught off guard. I didn’t realize until that question that I hadn’t prepared any intentions for stepping into 2022. Usually resolution brainstorming was how I used the week before the new year. Yet, what was striking about this interaction was the fact that while I wasn’t prepared, I still had an answer: “keep on going.” Weirdly vague to my friend, and probably to you reading this, but instantly I understood it.  

“Keep on going” really means, “keep on growing.” So that’s what I plan on doing this year of 2022, year of the Tiger, which coincidentally bears the same Chinese zodiac as my birth year–I’ll take that as a good omen.  

May your new year be one of continued growth. Let the seeds of unknown flowers of the future germinate. The flowers will come, of this there is no doubt. Not all of them may get to flourish, but once they’re planted you can only keep on watering them and await the surprise of spring! 

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