Linkers are students and recent graduates from top colleges and universities who are passionate about empowering and inspiring younger peers. GTL’s community also consists of experienced educators and well-established educational institutions that are suitable to meet individual learning needs. 


Our mission at GTL is to provide a wide range of services aimed at supporting students through the multitude of tasks ahead of them and guide students towards success. In the Global Talent Link community, we create programs custom-tailored to each student’s personal growth in order to develop their skills beyond the classroom and demonstrate long-lasting enrichment.  

We welcome everyone who shares our vision to join our community and to build it together. 



Global Talent Link (GTL) is a connected and collaborative enrichment community guided by the iABC principles of international perspectives, ability, benevolence, and courage.


GTL promotes connected learning and collaborative thinking and emphasized personalized learning in a global community.


GTL is striving to build a global community with people from different cultures to enrich and empower each other.

Linkers Prime


We are looking for part-time remote interns to serve as online learning coordinators/advisors (Linkers) to empower and inspire international students for self-discovery and collective growth. Typical tasks involve sharing personal learning journeys via online webinars, organizing small group learning circles on Microsoft Teams, and one-on-one online coaching or mentoring. As a start-up, our Linkers consistently evolve and adapt to innovative developments along the way; therefore, our team members are passionate about taking the initiative to further enhance GTL as a whole. 

Main Responsibilities


Below are brief, general guidelines for the different positions at GTL and what to expect. These guidelines are not set in stone and can be adapted to a Linker’s schedule and interests. Additionally, because GTL is a start-up, we encourage initiative and adaptability as the roles change with the growing company. Part-time interns can serve as Linkers in various capacities, such as: 

  • Linker Providers: Provides one or all of the GTL services. Applies their own skills, education, content, and experience to the GTL community. 
  • Linker Coordinators: Provides GTL services and takes on additional tasks relating to internal development, the operation of multiple departments within GTL, recruitment of Learners and Linkers, and program development.  
  • Linker Specialists: Provides experience and expertise in a specific area, including but not limited to IT, marketing, and HR. 
  • Linker-Advisors: Experienced teachers provide feedback or suggestions for improvement.  
  • Linkers-in-training: Learners or new Linkers shadow with established linkers. 


Successful candidates are proactive, well-organized, and self-motivated. Applicants should have excellent written communication and public presentation skills. Having study-abroad experience or fluency in a foreign language are a plus. Students who are sophomores or above and recent graduates are encouraged to apply. We prefer senior or recent graduates who can commit an average of 8 hours per week without interfering with their academic workload. This internship may be extended into next summer or a long-term job.


  • Most linkers are contractors. Some linkers are GTL employees or volunteers.  
  • In general, contractors are paid on a project-by-project basis. GTL pays at least $15/hour if a contractor is paid hourly.