What will happen if my student misses a/multiple sessions?

In order to receive a certificate of completion, we require a minimum of 8/10 session attended. 

What will happen if my student attends less than 8 live sessions?

If your child misses one session, we will send you an email and reach out regarding any support that you may need and just to follow up. 

If your child misses two sessions, we will send another email that includes a reminder that at least 8 live sessions must be completed to receive a certificate at the end of the program.  

Students are encouraged to view the recordings of the sessions they missed. 

Because we are not a grade-based program, we are hoping that this opportunity will not only give your child lifelong skills, but also instill in them a passion for learning. With this idea in mind, we hope that your child looks forward to coming to our live sessions.  

However, we know things come up so if your child needs to miss a session, please give us a heads up if possible. We will surely miss them in our discussions for the week! 

Under certain circumstances, we are happy to discuss any concerns you may have or any plans you would like to work together to create to accommodate your needs. 

What if the GTLINK schedule does not fit my child’s availability?

We do our best to take into account each participant’s availability. Depending on the GTLINK size, there may not be a schedule that works for everyone. We try to pick the option that maximizes the number of participants that can attend each session and that works for faculty schedules. 

Multiple GTLINKs are offered per year. You can sign up for news and updates here for future information about new offerings.  

How often are GTLINKs classes offered?

Multiple GTLINKs are offered per year. The GTLINKs that are offered depend on enough student interest in a particular book for a specific grade range. 

What should my student do if they need extra support and guidance with understanding the book and/or writing?

We offer optional workshops that your student may attend throughout the weeks of the program. 

If you need additional support, please email us and we can discuss the possibility of one-on-one tutoring with one of our faculty members or teaching assistants. 

How can parents get in contact with faculty?

We will provide relevant contact information once the GTLINK is underway.  

If you have general questions, you can contact us at this email. 

What happens if there are not enough people in a book club?

If there are not enough students registered in a book club, we unfortunately cannot continue the next steps of setting up live sessions.  

Our goal at GTL is to create small enough environments where students can learn from one another. However, in order to make sure that the GTLINK provides a diverse set of viewpoints and can be the most beneficial for participants, we require at least 4 students in an GTLINK but the maximum number will not exceed 15 students ( or 10 for grades 1-2).  

If you know other families or people who may be interested in joining a particular GTLINK that you would like to see, you can refer them here. We will send them info about the GTLINK to see if they would like to join.  

In some cases, initially there may not be enough to run an GTLINK, but with your referrals, the status can change and we may get enough people to hold it! 

What if my student needs extra accommodations?

Please let us know what accommodations you are looking for and we will work together to create a plan of action to create an accessible environment for your child’s needs. 

What if there are books that my student wants to read but is not listed on the grade level lists?

We welcome book recommendations! Email us a list of books you would like to see on our lists. There are so many out there, we are always happy to include new content options.

What if I feel like my child was placed in the wrong reading level based on the initial assessment?

If you would like to discuss your child’s assessment, you can email us once we have sent the suggested reading level and assessment results. 

We will discuss your views together, since we recognize the online assessment is only one form of evaluation that may not give your child all opportunities to display their skills.  

Where can I provide feedback?

Your feedback is necessary for us to improve our services and continue our mission to provide unique, culturally immersive learning environments. 

If you are in an GTLINK, students will receive feedback forms halfway through the program and once the program ends. 

If you would like to provide more feedback, suggestions, or comments, please let us know your thoughts here. 

How do I pay? Are there discounts and/or payment packages available?

As of right now, we offer referral discounts of 5% off for each friend you refer who joins an GTLINK if they list your name in the registration form upon registering for their first club 

We are currently using credit card, check, or bank transfer services for payment.  

In the future, we hope to eventually provide discounts for referrals or discounted packages if you participate in more than one GTLINK.  

We are also working towards different payment plans that can accommodate your needs.  

What if I am not satisfied with the program? What if my child feels like the book and/or book club is not the right fit for them? Is it possible to get a refund?

We are sorry to hear that our program did not meet your expectations. If you have the time and energy, please do not hesitate to give us feedback or suggestions here. 

We are happy to provide an option to attend a free demo for the first session before you choose to commit to the program. Once an GTLINK is underway, you will have the opportunity to attend the initial virtual meeting. If you feel like this is not a good fit, you will have 24 hours to decide if you would to stick with the GTLINK or not. This decision will determine if there are enough participants for the full 10 session GTLINK to take place. 

What if I would like to get involved and work with GTL?

We would love to hear from you. Please send us an email about why you would want to work with us and a copy of your resume and we will get back to you!