international perspectives

Gain an awareness of history, understanding global cultures, communities and challenges, and engaging in cross-cultural learning.


Develop different ways of thinking, communicating and collaborating, appreciating arts and culture, building academic and life skills and incorporating fitness and mindfulness.


Practice the golden rule, self-reflection, empathy, forgiveness, humility, humor, gratitude, generosity and mutual success.

Build a sense of purpose, honor, a self-challenge mentality, grit, fairness, serenity, spirituality and a zest for life.

Why iABC

Confucius Said

A wise person possesses a clear mind

A benevolent person does not worry about personal gains or losses

A courageous person is ready to take on a challenge

We see these principles displayed in stories such as The Wizard of Oz. For instance, Dorothy traveled to the magical land of Oz where she met her three companions. The Scarecrow wanted a brain, the Tin Man wanted a heart and the Lion wanted courage.

Every service GTL offers incorporates iABC so that each individual can grow to become a better thinker, learner and change maker in our world. Our community is a growth-oriented learning village where anyone in the world can nurture their potential through collaborations with peers, near peers and professionals.

Lee Chen, M.D, Ph.D

Chief Strategist

Dr. Chen has developed an educational credo called iABC (international perspectives, Ability, Benevolence, and Courage). He is the co-executive director of iABC Consortium. He also serves as the president of Boston Institute of Global Wellness and Education (BIGWE) and Mathematics and Science Society for Youth (MSSY). Dr. Chen received extensive biomedical education both in China and in the U.S. Previously, he worked for over 10 years as an instructor and a scientist at the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and the VA Boston Healthcare System.


play a vital role in community building. They serve as a connecting hub for Learners, Educators, family, friends and everyone else in our learning village to spark collective growth. Linkers initiate projects ranging form mentoring Learners to creating programs. In addition, they contribute to our community culture by serving as role models in learning, problem solvers in helping and cheerleaders in taking on challenges.


are teachers, professors, consultants or experts who share their wisdom with learners, like elders in a village.  Educators are integral members of the GTL community and serve as both associates and collaborators. Through a mutually-beneficial referral system, Partners develop the GTL community as well as their own communities.