International Perspectives

the focus of gaining an awareness of history, understanding global cultures, communities, and challenges, and engaging in cross-cultural learning


the focus of developing different ways of thinking, communicating and collaborating, appreciating arts and culture, building academic and life skills, and incorporating fitness and mindfulness


the focus of practicing the golden rule, self-reflection, empathy, forgiveness, humility, humor, gratitude and generosity, and mutual success


the focus of building a sense of purpose, honor, a self-challange, mentality, grit, fairness, serenity, spirituality, and a zest for life

Confucius Said

A wise person possesses a clear mind

A benevolent person does not worry about personal gains or losses

A courageous person is ready to take on a challenge

Through the following tenets, our students will have a multicultural learning experience and will better understand themselves and each other.

Even today, we see these principles displayed in stories such as The Wizard of Oz. For instance, Dorothy traveled to the magical land of Oz where she met her three companions. The Scarecrow wanted a brain. The Tin Man wanted a heart. The Lion wanted courage.

Every service GTL offers incorporates these four principles so that each individual can grow to become a better thinker, learner, and change maker in our world.

Lee Chen, M.D, Ph.D

Chief Strategist
Dr. Chen has developed an educational credo called iABC (international perspectives, Ability, Benevolence, and Courage). He is the co-executive director of iABC Consortium. He also serves as the president of Boston Institute of Global Wellness and Education (BIGWE) and Mathematics and Science Society for Youth (MSSY). Dr. Chen received extensive biomedical education both in China and in the U.S. Previously, he worked for over 10 years as an instructor and a scientist at the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and the VA Boston Healthcare System.
The learning community shares free content via webinars, blog posts, and linker hours. Webinars are hosted by Linkers on various academic and personal development topics. These webinars can be joined live, or Learners can watch the recordings of previous webinars on our Teams, WeChat, or Youtube channel. Blog posts are written by Linkers, Partners, and Academic Advisors to GTL and can be accessed through the GTL website. Linker hours are designated times where select Linkers are available weekly for individual queries on Teams.

The Benefits of A Bilingual Brain

There are many benefits to speaking more than one language. You are able to communicate with more people, learn about other cultures, have more work opportunities, and stay mentally strong! Bilingual brains actually look different from monolingual brains. Bilingual,...

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How I Wrote My Personal Statement for College – Linker’s Advice

The majority of people I speak to about college essays / personal statement --and I must say that group is a small one, considering how shy I am about any material I authored before the age of 19-- tell me that their entries were crafted around singular events, like...

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Stress Management

Stress Management While sometimes it may seem like there isn’t much you can do to help control your stress, there are many techniques and lifestyle choices that help contribute to stress management. It is crucial to deal with stress as it affects both your emotional...

Does the Way Others Perceive You Matter?

Does the way others perceive you matter? Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is yes. ‘Love yourself’-style campaigns primarily emphasize how self-confidence is the key to personal success and happiness, but by claiming that you can live the rest of your...

What Skills Can Students Learn From Sherlock Holmes?  

Sherlock Holmes is, without a doubt, one of the most popular fictional characters to ever have existed and it's no surprise why we're so fascinated with him.    While it’s true that his stories contain lots of mystery and thrill, but he's also a character who can make...

GTL Newsletter #14

GTL Newsletter #14

What Happens When You Identify With Something?

I’ll get the ball rolling: I identify as a woman so I am expected to like pink and have longer hair. I identify as a Northeasterner so I am expected to speak with a Boston accent (lose my R’s and talk with my hands) when I am upset. I identify as an over-analyst and a...

Develop Time Management Skills

Creating a Balance When it comes to tackling all of our pressing tasks such as homework, projects, work, extracurricular activities, preparing for exams, and having enough time for ourselves, it is easy to feel incredibly overwhelmed. Spending a sufficient amount of...

A  Future Where Creativity Will Be  A  Job Requirement

Over several decades, companies have had a revolving-door policy when it comes to their employees, with entry-level and even experienced staff being swapped out every four to five years, elevating the idea of maintaining an array of workers with up-to-date skillsets...

How to Find Internships

Where to Start Looking As a university student, it is no secret that there are two factors which determine the trajectory of post-college career prospects--a transcript and internships. Internships serve as introductory work experience to a student’s respective field...

Returning to Campus After COVID-19

When will students return to campus? American colleges and universities across the country plan to reopen this fall and have begun announcing each of their plans regarding move-in dates, in-person instruction, and mandatory safety measures. Schools emphasize that...


How to develop yourself as a leader  A leader is an individual assigned to the top of the status hierarchy with natural born qualities that make him or her intrinsically influential and powerful.  This is how many people view leadership, but the assumption that...

Social Media & Mental Health

Dangerous Mindsets  Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter continue to serve as powerful mediums for sharing information, personal passions, business ventures, and enjoyable content. Through the past decade, social media has become an integral part of...

Replace Procrastination with Productivity

Struggling to Stay on Track  Students fall victim to unproductive patterns throughout an academic term such as starting an assignment close to its deadline, doing unrelated activities instead of the assignment, and saying that they will start ‘later.’ These issues all...

Five Tips for Becoming Multilingual

  Learning how to speak another language or becoming multilingual challenges all of us, and becoming truly fluent can feel like a daunting goal. We make the most out of the resources within our reach, whether they be a pocketbook of translations, mobile apps, or...

The Importance and Benefits of Creative Outlets

Creativity is a defining characteristic of what it means to be human. Our predisposition to ask questions and seek solutions has led to entire civilizations being formed, from the manufacturing of tools to the exploration of undiscovered land. There is no doubt that...

Online Interview Skills in the Age of COVID

Now more than ever, it is important to put time, thought, and attention in our careers. Before we look at the necessary skills to excel in the interview and get the job, it is essential that you research the company and/or organization and know why you want to...

Meditation and Mindfulness for the Everyday

When we think of meditation, the first thing that might pop into our mind is absolute silence, or even an attempt to wipe our minds clean of thoughts that may be stressing us out. For many of us, this may be hard to fathom, or even near impossible. However, there are...

Leveraging strengths in your Family

Frequently, we focus on if children make their milestones as they develop. When they do not, doctors, teachers, other specialists as well as other parents help us get our children to hit these milestones. Instead of focusing on what is absent, I propose that we start...

Guanxi (关系) and the Importance of Relationship Building during Covid-19

Humans are inherently relationship building, social creatures. We are built this way. Other animals are too, but given the profound capacities of our brains, and our distinct languages, speech patterns, and mannerisms, we have the ability to ask why, pursue...

Mentorship: The Advantages, Importance and Value

Many of us have had to sail through unchartered waters without the right gear or conditions. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a guide? To have someone help you along the way, so you did not feel so alone or lost? Mentorship allows for us to have a partner that...


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Once you decide to join us, you will be directed to sign into our learning hub iABC Plaza on Microsoft Teams. Please follow this tutorial for guidance. If you need help, please email or call us at (781)269 1859.

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