Balancing Life as a College Student

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By Maya Kaelei Lewis

 Deciding Your Schedule 

              One of the many blessings, and curses, of being a college student is that unlike elementary to high school your schedule is completely up to you! In fact, you do not need to attend class on every single weekday and if you are lucky you can have both Mondays and Fridays class-free. Condensing your academic schedule to a select few days of the week naturally feels like the ideal situation since you can knock out one course after the other in one go. However, the downside of this approach is that the days in which you do not have to go on campus may largely be occupied by homework and assignments. That four day weekend dream could soon be forgotten all the same as if you had spread out your classes across Monday to Friday. On top of that, should you decide to take on a part-time job or internship your free time gets further reduced. Additionally, colleges and universities have a plethora of clubs and other student organizations that may peak your interest which requires another time commitment, which is completely separate from your plans to see friends and loved ones. By the end of the week you may wonder how much time you have to spend relaxing on your own without the responsibilities of being a college student, such as sleeping in and enjoying your hobbies.

              When deciding your schedule, consider one key question–is it worth it? As simple as this question is, assigning value to the commitments you take on adds perspective onto your choices. “Worth” varies from person to person so consider what “worth” means to you specifically. Whether or not a specific class, job, or club will be of benefit to you is completely up to what you want out of your college experience. After weighing the pros and cons, build a schedule that allows you to have time for yourself and only for yourself. Sleep, relaxation, and disconnection will only further motivate you to do your best each day as they will balance your weekly schedule. 

Choosing Your Group of Friends 

               The friends you make in college are unlike any other as you are all collectively embarking on a new journey of self-discovery during these early stages of adulthood. Your friends are there to laugh with you, make memories with you, inspire you, and most importantly to support you. When cultivating a balanced college life, choosing those you keep closest to you is of utmost importance as they will be the ones you turn to during times of need. It is great to remain cordial with your fellow classmates and coworkers, however there is no shame in being selective when it comes to creating relationships built on support and empathy. Many of the worst college experiences revolve around stressful, and at times traumatizing, friendships that could have been largely avoided if one decided to end their relationship at an earlier time. Thoroughly consider what a good friend means to you and how you can be supportive as well. Envision a mutual relationship built on love, trust, and the desire to root for each other throughout all of the ups and downs of college life.