One of the best and most important ways for us to learn and to grow is to study great books, as they crystallize the wisdom and ideas of mankind for thousands of years. 

BookQuest is GTL’s signature program that connects reading, writing, and thinking through high-quality literature for K-12 students

It incorporates the golden standard of research – based adaptive reading assessments (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Reding Inventory), reading skills tutoring by certified ELA teachers, writing workshops, capstone projects, flipped classrooms, and American master teacher facilitated virtual book clubs through both live sessions and online chats.

Traditional approaches in reading great literature has multiple shortcomings. It is usually a solitary assigned experience, lacks expert guidance and support, and fails to effectively connect between reading and the expression of thoughts, especially in writing. In addition, students, even in the same grade, may vary in the level of reading proficiency. And this issue is more acute for students whose first language is not English.

BookQuest is designed to fill these gaps by:

1) offering reading assessments and different books to choose from, so learners can read books of their interest and at their reading level.

2) providing flipped classrooms for selected books with recorded short video lessons by master teachers.

3) conducting in-depth discussions through live sessions and asynchronous group chats with teachers.

4) supporting individual learning through tutoring, writing workshop, capstone projects, and other personalized programs.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Reading Inventory

Put the power to succeed in the hands of your learner; HM Reading Inventory Assessment is a low-stress tool to draw a path to success.

If you feel that you are not ready for a BookQuest but are interested in improving your reading levels and tracking your progress, you may sign up for our reading skills tutoring program, which focuses on improving reading comprehension and Lexile score. Please contact GTLinker for details.

All books are classic novels that are widely taught in American schools. Books are chosen by American high school & university professors, based on respected book lists such as NPR, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and College Board. You can also suggest your own to our Team!

Please refer to the following list to see the books we plan to offer. And if you don’t see your favorite books on the list, please contact us and we will add them.