Christine Cotter

Specializes in reading for understanding, writing across platforms & social-emotional competencies.

Christine Cotter is a Massachusetts licensed public school teacher. She has been teaching English Language Arts teacher for fourteen years at the Middle School level. Her undergraduate work is in English and Education while her Masters is in Curriculum and Instruction. Christine loves being a teacher, she could not imagine doing anything else for a living. She runs her classroom like she does her household, with hard work and a lot of laughter.

Her and her husband have two amazing kids. They instill a love of reading in them. Christine finds reading to be one of her favorite pastimes. She has always enjoyed reading a great book because of what she would learn, the places she could travel, the characters she would meet, and the creativity she could stir up. Like years past, she really wants to instill a passion for reading with each and every one of her students. Christine truly believes that when students learn to enjoy reading, their writing skills, vocabulary usage, and creativity improve. With reading, the possibilities to achieve are endless.