Do You Have Senioritis?

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What is ‘senioritis’?

Exhaustion, fatigue, and the overwhelming sense of dreading school as you draw near to graduation–if all of these symptoms feel familiar to you then you may have ‘senioritis.’ This term can be used to describe a graduating class’ desire to take it easy from their course load which may include lower quality assignment submissions, tardiness, absences, and a mentality shift from working diligently to working just enough to receive one’s diploma. This is especially the case since for many students, the next steps have already been determined whether it be the next school they will be entering or a professional prospect in the horizon. 

How to treat ‘senioritis’

You may be experiencing the tiredness of attending classes and completing assignments since after years of hard work, the finish line is finally in sight. However, like all marathons, despite being able to see the end it does not mean it is time to throw in the towel and walk the rest of the way. 

The first step in treating ‘senioritis’ is to manage the pace you are running this marathon. Take a moment to slow down and appreciate the time you have left in your last year as a student. It is likely that you will have a few more assignments and exams coming, therefore they will be your first priority until you cross the finish line. ‘Senioritis’ causes fatigue in motivation, therefore remedying the issue begins with using discipline to combat a lack of drive. Slow your roll, remember how far you have come, and remember how much further you have to go. 

The next step is to focus on what is beyond the finish line. Perhaps that is an upcoming job, entering a graduate or vocational school, traveling, or taking a gap year. Focusing on what comes next will not necessarily distract you from the tasks at hand, but it will encourage you to continue working on what is in front of you so that you may achieve the goal in sight. 

The last step in treating ‘senioritis’ is to express gratitude to yourself and those who have supported you along your academic journey. Gratitude for yourself in working diligently towards this accomplishment will provide you with a sense of purpose in your final moments at your school. You remember how many late nights you experienced to complete an assignment or the tireless days of studying for a test or two–those memories are proof of your commitment to your future successes and they warrant thankfulness. Additionally, take time to express gratitude to your loved ones who took time out of their days to support you. Whether they drove you to school, rooted for you before an exam, or brought you a warm drink during a late study night, their acts of kindness deserve appreciation and will motivate you to finish your senior year with pride.

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