World Language

Linkers provide 1:1 tutoring or group classes to help Learners improve their foreign language skills. This service is currently limited to English, Spanish, and Chinese. The goal of this service is to increase academic English language proficiency for abroad Learners applying to schools and taking standardized tests, or to increase proficiency for native Learners learning foreign languages. 


  • Practice your foreign language skills 
  • Gain proficiency in English, Spanish, or Chinese 
  • Learn how to communicate in a new language  

Culture Passport

Linkers host discussions with Learners about different countries, cultures, and people. GTL’s community is comprised of Linkers and Learners from all the world, and growing global awareness and international perspectives is a key component of enrichment. 


  • Grow cultural awareness about world cultures 
  • Learn more about the cultures and countries that members of the GTL community are from 

Study Abroad

Our study abroad service is designed to help Learners applying to schools within the US, UK, and Canada. Experienced Linkers help Learners with standardized testing, application requirements, essays, picking schools to apply to, and more. 


Assistance with study abroad application details such as: 

  • Selecting schools/majors 
  • CVs 
  • Personal statements 
  • Application essays  
  • Deciding on final offers 
  • College interview preparation 


Academic Quest

Linkers host 1:1 sessions with Learners to provide general academic support, subject tutoring, or personal mentoring. Topics vary from AP/IB classes to creating a resume to developing creative writing skills and more. Browse each Linker’s channels and profile pages for specific topics of expertise, or we can find a Linker suited to each Learner’s individual needs and goals. 


  • 1:1 support with academic topics the Learner would like to further explore 
  • A comfortable setting in which to explore and get help with academic content.