Katrina ostrom

Claremont McKenna College ‘20 majoring in Biochemistry 

Katrina has traveled internationally to Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, and through her travels has developed a passion for learning about other cultures! Since a young age, she has always enjoyed the stories and perspectives of her immigrant grandparents as well, and she hopes to continue to expand her international experiences through more traveling. 

As a student athlete in college, Katrina developed a passion for challenging both her mind and her body. She believes that being well-rounded and pursuing multiple passions will only increase a person’s positive energy and impact. In the future, Katrina hopes to become a physician and apply these lessons to promote the overall wellness of people everywhere.

No matter what your current education level or previous experience is, you have the skills and drive necessary to get involved in your community. Put yourself out there, pursue your passions, and be confident in yourself!