Learner Report

Two Linkers will host a one-hour interview conversation with the Learner to get to know them and discuss various topics including academics, extracurriculars, goals, and passions. The Linkers will then prepare and deliver a personalized Learner profile and report outlining their strengths, areas of improvement, and potential action plans. 


  • After discussion with the Linkers, the Learners and their families will have an understanding of the services in GTL that may be helpful for them, as well as strengths they can pursue. 

Learner Sprint

The Learner Sprint is a 6-session, 3–4-week program designed to make measurable and observable progress in a new learning habit or skill. Our Linkers have designed curricula for various topics ranging from academic to personal goals. Linkers can also design personalized programs to meet Learners individual needs. 


  • A comfortable setting for self-improvement and discovery 
  • Discussions about goal-setting and achievement 
  • Personalized programming based on need/interest 

Learner Marathon

Based on a long-term goal indicated by the Learner, the Linker will help create a roadmap for the Learner to reach this goal. The methods for this roadmap are completely Learner-dependent and based on what check-in methods will best help the Learner keep on track to reach their goal. Through comprehensive conversations, this plan will be established by the Linker for the Learner.


  • A personalized plan based on the Learner’s goals 
  • A level of accountability towards the goal established between the Learner and Linker 
  • A sense of accomplishment towards a major goal 
Personal Level

Content – Skills – Assessment

Once you join our learning community you will find free content and paid content. You are not alone, our Linkers and Providers will help you to find the program that will help you to nurture your potential.

In addition you can find specialized services. The prices vary depending on the mentor and their content.