Rebecca braimon

Cornell University Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Class of 2021; accepted into the Cornell University Masters of Developmental Psychology program, Class of 2022

Rebecca was born and raised near Boston, Massachusetts. She has traveled to the UK and France, and took French until she graduated high school. During her time at Cornell, she has become involved in the East Asian Studies program; whilst pursuing a minor from this department, she has had the opportunity to begin her Korean language learning journey and gain invaluable knowledge on the history and current reality of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese culture. This experience has taught Rebecca about the beauty of cultural diversity, and she hopes to travel to South Korea in the near future

Rebecca is passionate about creating a dialogue with and teaching learners about general human diversity and the psychology behind identity intersectionality and life experience; she is especially enthusiastic about creating her own curriculum and hosting educational webinars. 

To understand the true diversity of our world, we must embrace a larger view of humanity; the boundaries of normative societal thinking and language are made to be broken in the pursuit of truth.”