Talent Connect program helps community members to share their passions, accept their vulnerabilities, curate educational resources, and organize events.


Learner may host a video game night, a Linker may assemble a mental health book club, and an Educator may run a workshop on investment.

Together we form a Learning Neighborhood that supports our Learners through building warm relationships, facilitating incremental improvements, and cultivating personal aspirations.


A major part of our community activites happens on discord. Join our Discord server, tune in to events, clubs and take part in discussions with your GTL fellows.



 Learner Sprint helps a student achieve small victories towards personal goals in self-improvement, such as finishing a task, boosting a grade, acquiring a skill, or building a good habit.



Growth Companion helps a student design a transformative journey to become a “future you” with a GTL neighborhood including an expansive network of family, friends, and supporters. 

with personalized learning and education planning led by top university students and graduates, and advised by world renowned faculty.