Do you still remember the days of excitement of going to school as a young child? Do you feel disengaged from learning, or even dread of it? As a secondary school student, it can be overwhelming to juggle academics, self-discovery, and social life all alone. Here at GTL, we build a supportive community to help you become the best you want to be.

GTL Linker Service is currently designed to empower and inspire learners in secondary schools. Our Linkers are current students or recent graduates of top U.S. colleges and universities. With the assistance and guidance of our academic advisors, they are passionate and committed to support and lead their younger peers to new heights of learning by identifying strengths, researching resources, expanding connections, boosting motivations, building competences, and making measurable progresses.

We begin at individual level with Learner Sprint, a repeatable eight-step program to help a learner setting an actionable personal goal and creating a concrete plan to achieve it in four weeks. Each learner is paired with two Linkers to ensure strong and continuous support throughout the program.

Besides Learner Sprint, our whole Linker team also supports students at small group and community levels. This 3-tiered system and our emphasis on developing iABC traits for all community members set the foundation for a nurturing environment at GTL.

Below are examples of goals that our Linkers can help Learners with: 

School/College Readiness

  • Selecting Schools to Apply to 
  • Choosing a Minor/Major Concentration
  • Creating a Schedule for College Applications 
  • Going Through the Financial Aid Process

Personal Story/Narrative

  • Developing Presentation Skills 
  • Writing Resumes and Cover Letters  
  • Practicing Interviews 
  • Brainstorming Personal Statements and Essays

Extracurricular Activities 

  • Searching/Developing Interests/Passion  
  • Choosing Summer Programs/Internships
  • Designing and Managing Projects

Personal Growth: 

  • Improving Creative Writing 
  • Developing Organization Skills
  • Practicing Stress Management 


  • Improving Academic Writings 
  • Improving Study Skills for Literature/Social Socience
  • Improving Study Skills for STEM Classes


Our providers are not only skilled at sharing their knowledge but also are keen to learn from their students. Our platform is build for students, who want to find the beauty and joy of learning and thinking together!

Public Level


We will work with you to enhance and enrich opportunities to support your changing learning needs and challenges. A Provider is an individual or an organization that offers content, skills, assessment, or other activities that meet learner’s needs.

Our providers are teachers, professors, schools, universities, educational companies that are interested in teaching or engaging with secondary school students.

Content – Skills – Assessment

Once you join our learning community you will find free content and paid content. You are not alone, our Linkers and Providers will help you to find the program that will help you to nurture your potential.

In addition you can find specialized services. The prices vary depending on the mentor and their content.


HM Reading Inventory Assessment is a low-stress tool to draw paths to success. If you are interested in improving your reading levels and tracking your progress, you may sign up for our HMH Reading Inventory and reading skills tutoring program, which focuses on improving reading comprehension and Lexile score.


BookQuest is an interactive virtual book club of great literature designed to address the shortcomings in traditional approaches in reading, which is usually a solitary assigned experience, lacking expert guidance, and causing a dissociation between reading and expression of thoughts.


Guided research is for talented high school students to conduct individualized college level research. We offer diverse research disciplines across STEM, the social sciences, and the humanities. The program gives high school students the opportunity to collaborate with peers around the world on advanced research projects under the guidance of experts and professors.


Tutoring is a resource that connect students with certified teachers or other qualified facilitators (college faculty, college students, professionals) for one to one or small group instruction on all subjects from grade K-12.


Tell us the courses that you want to build with us and we’ll work with you to design them.


Our program focuses on providing workshops, and individualized guidance for adults who would like advice about their career goals.