Global Prep


Global prep Services

  • World Language (oral and written English, Chinese or Spanish and translation)  
  • Culture Passport (culture proficiency) 
  • Academic Quest (courses, competitions, exams) 
  • Study Abroad Consulting (short/long term)  


  • The Global Prep program serves as Learners’ gateway to the languages, traditions, and customs overseas while in the comforts of their own homes.  
  • Our team of Linkers with extensive international experiences possess the knowledge to guide Learners through the arduous process of studying abroad, learning a foreign language, and developing a deeper understanding of foreign cultures.  
  • Learners interested in applying to American schools will promptly have their questions answered on how to build a strong application to the colleges or universities of their choice.  
  • The GTL Global Prep program fosters growth and diversity by creating a fun and interactive environment to experience cultures from around the world. 

Talent boost

Talent Boost services

  • Community Share (webinars, blog posts, chats) 
  • Club Builder (facilitated small interest groups)  
  • Passion Quest (explore advanced topics with an expert in the field) 


  • Our Talent Boost services bring the enriching, lively, and interactive spirit of clubs, chats, and a passionate community right to your personal computer.  
  • Through GTL, Learners have the opportunity to explore their interests and develop strong bonds with other students which provide a healthy academic and extracurricular balance. 
  • Additionally, Linkers present thought-provoking webinars and blog posts discussing relevant topics in order to bring fresh perspectives to Learners. 
    Group Level

    Learning companion


    Learning companion Services

    • Learner Report (Building an iABC profile of a learner by a pair of linker-coordinators) 
    • Learner Sprint (making a feasible and visible improvement within 3-4 weeks) 
    • Learner Marathon (designing and implementing a roadmap to achieve a long-term goal) 


    • The GTL community recruits well-rounded Linkers from top universities such as Brown, NYU, Harvard, and Columbia to inspire our students. 
    • Whether Learners are in primary or high school, GTL has perfected the system of guiding students from their academic shortcomings to college-bound excellence. The cost for our online services includes unmatched access to exceptional educators to ensure long-term success.  
    • In the GTL community, we do not promote a “one size fits all approach” to our enrichment programs, therefore Learners will experience personalized learning custom-tailored to suit their needs. Regardless of their skill level, our Linkers deliver well-paced, customized curriculum providing the individual attention students need. 
    • The personalized learning plan we create accommodates your child’s own skill level, leaving students feeling engaged and motivated throughout fun curricula. 
    • By measuring our students’ progress, our intuitive Learners truly engage with your child and ensure that they become an all-around successful student. 

    Content – Skills – Assessment for Personalized Learning

    Once you join our learning community you will find free content and paid content. You are not alone, our Linkers and Educators will help you to find the program that will help you to nurture your potential.

    In addition you can find special personalized learning services. The prices vary depending on the mentor and their content.




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    World Language

    Start with $15/session (25 minute session)

    Culture Passport

    Academic Quest

    Study Abroad

    Custom Quote 

    Club Builder 

    Passion Quest

    Learner Sprint

    Learner Marathon

    Learner Report 



    For a limited time, we are offering a free trial of our services to a small group of Learners. Please email us at or call us at 781-269-1859 to inquire or apply. We will reach out and invite you to join our community! Sign up to join our Community here!