Thato seerane

Master of Philosophy in Psychology and Education at the University of Cambridge. Member of the British Psychology Society (MBPsS)

Thato is a South African who completed her undergraduate degree at Arizona State University, USA. During her undergraduate degree, she had an internship in Mauritius with the African Leadership University (ALU). Thato spent approximately three months working on various projects within the Student Life department (including designing an orientation program for first year students).  She has also travelled to Rwanda, where she was selected by the Mastercard Foundation Program to come deliver her poem on Courage. Thato is currently pursuing her Masters in Cambridge, United Kingdom 

Thato is passionate about challenging stereotypes about learning disabilities and making sure that South Africa’s education system, including at the university level, caters for all learners, regardless of their learning challenges. 

“Tomorrow, when you are a beautiful butterfly, it will be hard to remember your days as a caterpillar.”