The Vision Within a Vision Board

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You have probably heard about vision boards, or not. Whatever the case, this post is for those who wish to understand what it is and for those who have not managed to use their vision boards effectively?

According to Sarah Regan, “a vision board is essentially a physical (or digital) manifestation of your goals”. These can be personal, professional, spiritual, physical or even psychological goals. Unlike New Year’s resolutions, a vision board does not only apply to a specific year. You can use it to set goals for the year, the next five years or even for your lifetime aspirations. It is all up to you. Creating a vision board can be a reflective, fun and reenergizing activity.


When creating a vision board, one has to think about what it is they wish to put on it. This means reflecting on your goals and aspirations; from your life’s mantra, the highest education degree you want to attain, your career aspirations, the kind of house you wish to build, that extravagant or simple life you want to live, the impact you aim to have in the world and your dream car. All of it, and more, form part of the what you envision for your future. Therefore, you get to reflect on all that you desire to achieve, prior to putting it on paper (or screen).


Now the exciting part about a vision board, is VISUALISING your goals. This is where you see a picture of that car you intent to buy in a magazine, cut it out and paste it on your board. Or if you are a digital person, this is the point where you screenshot that picture of a PhD graduate from your dream university and add it to your board. Even putting together words that represent your values. No matter the methods you choose, seeing visual representations of your goals and putting them in one space is such a joyful exercise.



I don’t know about you, but each time I think of the endless possibilities that exist for my future, I get hyped to START doing something that will lead me to my goal. A vision board can be a mood booster, your source of motivation or that one thing that pushes you to actualize your dreams. Seeing it can indeed lead to doing it!


Now that you know what a vision board is, here are some tips on how to create one.


Tips for creating a vision board
  • Do not ask yourself “is this even possible?”, just allow yourself to dream beyond the limit of possibilities.
  • Dedicate time to work on your board. You can even make it a date with friends and family or by yourself.
  • Do not overthink anything. This is for you and no one else. Therefore, it should not matter if it would make sense to anyone but you.
  • You do not have to fill up the space in one sitting. Some goals might come later, so you do not have to have it all figured out.
  • Remember, some goals might change after you complete the board. You do not have to scratch them out, it is also great to see what you used to dream about when you decide to add to the board or create a new one.
  • Have fun!