Yelena Salvador

Yelena Salvador

Senior at Brown University, studying English Nonfiction and Psychology

Hi friend, thanks for stopping by my profile. My name is Yelena (yeh-LAY-nuh) and I am currently a senior at Brown University, studying English Nonfiction and Psychology. I am from New Jersey, but I like to call the small city of Providence in Rhode Island my home for now. My passions lie in community building, mentorship, disability justice and mental health advocacy work, and storytelling. 

In high school, I was a four-year varsity swimmer and the swim team captain my senior year. I also ran the Writing Center, which was a group of selected students who provided peer feedback on essays and who held workshops about grammar rules, writing tips, and more. When I wasn’t in the pool or writing, I was mentoring a group of freshmen to help with their transition into high school. I also worked as a swim teacher during the school year and loved to paint. 

As someone who is pursuing their degree in English, I struggled with writing and failed my first essay in high school. I was very STEM oriented and really enjoyed Math and Chemistry. I know what it’s like to switch interests that seem polar opposite and to try new classes that I never heard of before. 

I have experience with tutoring over 550 lessons with students from across the world and my main belief is that every student is the one that chooses their own path. My purpose is to help students realize their strengths, to work on areas of improvement (I don’t like to say weaknesses), and to build a personal relationship that acts as a strong support system for each person to thrive. I believe that goals can be met only when we work together, and not in isolation, which is why I like to involve students, their guardians/family, and myself during their learning journey.

I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you the best.