GTL Newsletter #17

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The school year is here,
what are your goals??

GTL General Updates

This Week –
  • Linkers have two Learner interviews this week!
  • Linker Maya is interviewing a potential new Linker.
  • Linkers Chantal, Maya, and Lee will represent GTL at the Student Employment fair for Harvard University!!
  • Linker Nhi created a new brochure and website service tab. Great work.
  • Linker Zhengyang has been working on a new GTL website video with the help of Linkers Rebecca and Chantal.
  • LEARNERS—We’d love to hear from you about your experience with any GTL services you’ve been a part of! Respond to this email with anything you’d like to share ?
  • Monthly GTL Community Events — keep a lookout for monthly programming and events for Learners, Linkers, and the greater GTL community!!
    • Have suggestions or ideas about events you’d like to see? Let us know by responding to this email. 
  • WEBINAR: Linkers Rebecca and Maya have an upcoming webinar on the intersectionality of race and gender. More details are below.
  • Mental Health Awareness – a new GTL initiative. Linkers Annie and Rebecca are passionate about mental health and are in the beginning stages of creating a space and dialogue for all things relating to mental health.
Last Week – 
  • NEW GTLINKERS ALERT! A warm welcome to our new Linkers Zhengyang and Nhi!
  • Linkers Rebecca and Chantal completed a Learner Report for a Learner and their family!
  • Linker Kudana sent a post-Learning Companion service reflection to a Learner he worked with over the span of four weeks!
  • Linkers Thato and Kudana interviewed a new Learner!
  • Linker Rebecca finished up two programs with two different Learners and will be starting up another Learner Marathon with a new Learner soon. Great work!
  • The GTL Newsletter is looking for submissions!!
    • Send in blog posts, activities you’re involved in, poetry, art, interesting articles, cool opportunities; etc. Reply to this email with your ideas.   
  • Linker Zhengyang started work on creating a new video for the GTL website.

GTL Service Highlight

Global Talent — Club Builder 

Explore your hobbies and passions with GTL’s Club Builder program! Whether you enjoy a book series or are looking to share your love for the arts, our Club Builder program focuses on the community aspect of Global Talent Link by creating spaces for everyone to indulge in their favorite pastimes.

Like all of our Talent Boost services, we are excited to foster friendship and exciting activities together.

Click on the picture or the hyperlink for more information! 

GTL Blog Spotlight

Does the Way Others Perceive You Matter?
by Rebecca Braimon

Does the way others perceive you matter?

Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is yes. ‘Love yourself’-style campaigns primarily emphasize how self-confidence is the key to personal success and happiness, but by claiming that you can live the rest of your life without being affected by what others think I would by lying to you. When you encounter someone for the first time, regardless of your identity or your labels, you will be judged on two things:
  • The categories you appear to fit into
  • How closely you match the stereotype of that category

GTL Announcements

WEBINAR: Intersectionality of Race & Gender

Linkers Maya and Rebecca have prepared a webinar about the Intersectionality of Race and Gender to celebrate the diversity of humanity and the many ways our identities interact and intersect.

This presentation discusses:

  • the definition and importance of intersectionality
  • the impact of racial and sexual minority status on education
  • how equality disguises inequity
  • the ways in which stereotypes about race and gender can affect people
Stay tuned for a potentially two-part series on these essential topics about human interaction and harmony across demographics! 

Hispanic Heritage Month

While officially beginning on September 15, we wanted to highlight historical figures of Hispanic descent as well as key historical events to honor the rich cultures and diverse communities of Hispanic peoples.

Mexican Food by Chantal Sanchez

Growing up in Southern California, with Mexican culture always around me, I took being Mexican-American for granted. That sounds like a funny statement but it makes sense when you’re constantly surrounded by the culture and people you identify with. It wasn’t until I moved to the East Coast when I was stunned by the lack of a palpable, Mexican presence. This new environment made me take another look at my own identity as a Mexican-American.I felt a need to deepen the connection I could not readily feel in this new place, Boston, Massachusetts. While I hated cooking growing up, I soon realized that my family forced me to learn how to cook as a way of passing on my Mexican heritage. I began to cook a lot more and recall from memory, the great Mexican foods I had loved growing up. Many of these foods were passed down to me by many hours in the kitchen, no measurements– just a feeling.

As I ignited a love of cooking through this connection to my culture, I decided to create standardized recipes for some of the foods my family taught me through watching and experiencing them over the years. Today I share with you one of my favorites– homemade flour tortillas.

To get Chantal’s family recipe for tortillas, click here >>>

Any comments, questions, or concerns?
Want to share your own favorite recipe or announce something to the GTL Community?
Please let us know by responding to this email!