GTL Newsletter #39

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“Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” – James Baldwin 

GTL General Updates

This Week –
  • Add our new GTL Discord account — GlobalTalentLink#2183 
  • The team is gearing up to represent GTL at the Hire Tigers 2022 Career Fair next Friday!
  • Linkers John and Chantal met with a new Learner this week. Congrats to Linker John for their first-ever Learner Greet.
  • Linker Lava will host a new Linker training next week with the help of Linkers Annie and Rebecca.
  • We are continuing to prepare for a GT Health Book club, stay tuned for more details!
  • Linkers Annie and John are congruently working on ideas to create engaging content for the Discord server including ~Linker [Radio] Stations and podcasts
  • Mental Health Awareness! Linkers Annie and Rebecca are passionate about mental health and have created a mental health-related newsletter! 
  • The GTL Newsletter is looking for submissions!!
    • Send in blog posts, activities you’re involved in, poetry, art, interesting articles, cool opportunities; etc. Reply to this email with your ideas.  
  • LEARNERS—We’d love to hear from you about your experience with any GTL services you’ve been a part of! Respond to this email with anything you’d like to share ?
  • Monthly GTL Community Events — keep a lookout for monthly programming and events for Learners, Linkers, and the greater GTL community!!
    • Have suggestions or ideas about events you’d like to see? Let us know by responding to this email. 

Last Week – 

  • Last week Linker Maya hosted our GTL Lunar New Year party! We had a lot of fun learning about the holiday and sharing.
  • The service group met on Tuesday and had a great discussion on GTL’s mission and future.
  • Linkers Jerson, Samantha, and Chantal continued working with Learners.
  • Linker Madison worked on rehauling our slide deck.

GTL Services Highlight

Learner Sprint

Achieve your personal and academic goals through GTL’s Learner Sprint program!Remote and affordable, the Learner Sprint program is designed to foster long-lasting results in a condensed time frame by narrowing down your areas of improvement. With your learning companion, you will be another step closer to success!

Click on the picture or the hyperlink for more information! 

GTL Blog Spotlight:

Choosing a College or University
by Maya Kaelei Lewis

What to consider?  

You got your acceptance letters, you told all of your loved ones, and you can finally look forward to the next stage in your life–going to college. The excitement of beginning a new chapter is one to be savored as all of the time, work, and effort you invested into your studies has paid off at long last. Next comes the big decision–which school do you choose?
Click here to read the rest of the blog>>>

Black History Month

To honor Black lives past and present, we will highlight people, organizations, and events throughout history that speak to the rich and diverse culture and contributions Black people have made for their communities and the world over.

How Gloria Richardson’s Look of Righteous Indignation Became a Symbol of No Retreat 

By Janelle Harris Dixon 

In 1963, the civil rights leader shoved aside a guardsmen’s bayonet with disgust and defiance; photography preserved the charged moment.

Gloria Richardson sat regal and contemplative in an aquamarine recliner that faced a wall of windows inside her petite Manhattan apartment. Around her, family photos and mementos from a life lived in love and service to Black justice decorated nearly every space within her reach. Shelves of books scaled up her walls—I immediately spotted Jean Toomer’s Cane because I have the same edition. Beams of natural light brightened the living room but at its center, Richardson exuded her own brilliant radiance.

I had arrived late and flustered, upending all of the calm in the room to meet with this icon of the civil rights movement after my bus arrived almost an hour late from Washington, D.C.

My friends and creative colleagues, videographer Sabrina Thompson Mitchell and photographer Jamaica Gilmer, were there already setting up their photo and video equipment for our interview with the then-96-year old movement leader, who graciously invited me to catch my breath as I heaved apologies. With her long legs crossed and her fur-lined house shoes on, she waved me into a cushioned chair. “You’re here now,” she said warmly, “and that’s what is important.”

If you don’t know her by name, you know her from images depicting a woman in jeans, slender and strong, flat-palming the blade of a bayonet thrust directly at her by a charging National Guardsman and shoving it away from her body. One of the photographers to most vividly capture Richardson’s expression—a look that bridged disgust with defiance—was Fred Ward, whose indelible portrait of Richardson is now held in the collections of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).

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