GTL Newsletter #44

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“All the knowledge that is not of the senses, not of the intellect, not of the heart but is the property that exclusively belongs to the deepest aspect of your being…the knowledge of your spirit.” — Hilma af Klint


  • Add our new GTL Discord account — GlobalTalentLink#2183 
  • And join our server: GTL Discord Server
  • The Service group has been busy creating new protocols and procedures to make sure our services are running smoothly! They even have a new team nickname: TEAM SPRING!
  • Team Spring continues to outreach organizations and other potential partners to build a stronger network for GTL. Great job!
  • Congrats to Linker Annie for another Linker stations session this week, highlighting our very own Linker Madison.
  • The Marketing team is checking out new ideas on social media and other digital platforms. Stay tuned for more updates.
  • The Core team is continuing to refine GTL’s internal structure and provide support and organization for every aspect of the community.
  • Next biweekly big group meeting will feature a Linker training hosted by Linkers Rebecca and Chantal. Drop by to learn about building your own brand!



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Creating Your Own Brand
By Maya Kaelei Lewis 
What are your skills? 
Creating your own brand is essential when it comes to both professional and interpersonal relationships as you are establishing what you can bring to the table. By creating your own brand, you pave the way for what opportunities come your way by actively seeking them out and by word of mouth.
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