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“Every day is Halloween, isn’t it? For some of us…” — Tim Burton?!





GTL General Updates




This Week –
  • GTL welcomes a new Linker: Samantha Flor! Check out her bio below!
  • Linker Maya is doing a great job finding new potential Linkers! She will be interviewing two possible Linkers this week.
  • Linker Zhengyang created a new GTL illustration for our community.
  • Linkers Annie and Chantal are helping one of our Learners create a fantasy story!
  • Mental Health Awareness – a new GTL initiative. Linkers Annie and Rebecca are passionate about mental health and have created a mental health-related newsletter! 
  • The GTL Newsletter is looking for submissions!!
    • Send in blog posts, activities you’re involved in, poetry, art, interesting articles, cool opportunities; etc. Reply to this email with your ideas.  
  • LEARNERS—We’d love to hear from you about your experience with any GTL services you’ve been a part of! Respond to this email with anything you’d like to share ?
  • Monthly GTL Community Events — keep a lookout for monthly programming and events for Learners, Linkers, and the greater GTL community!!
    • Have suggestions or ideas about events you’d like to see? Let us know by responding to this email. 

Last Week – 

  • Back to school night two weekends ago! CHECK OUT THE RECORDING BELOW.
  • Linker Maya was hard at work interviewing and recruiting potential new Linkers.
  • Linkers Kudana and Lava continued their Learning Companion sessions with one of our Learners.
  • Linker Annie also continued a session with a Learner!




GTL Service Highlight




Talent Boost – Linker Community Share

Being a part of the GTL family allows every Learner free access to Linker-created content: Community Share!Webinars are hosted by Linkers on various academic and personal development topics. These webinars can be joined live, or Learners can watch the recordings of previous webinars on our Teams, WeChat, or Youtube channel.

Blog posts are written by Linkers, Partners, and Academic Advisors to GTL and can be accessed through the GTL website.

Linker hours are designated times where select Linkers are available weekly for individual queries on Teams.

Click on the picture or the hyperlink for more information! 




GTL Blog Spotlight




Five Tips for Becoming Multilingual
by Maya Kaelei Lewis 

Not only can being multilingual bring an abundance of professional opportunities, but it can also enrich a person in another culture by opening them up to a multitude of new experiences. 

The key to becoming multilingual is by increasing students’ interest in learning foreign languages. By fostering excitement in learners, becoming proficient no longer seems intimidating but rather developing advanced proficiency naturally occurs.




GTL Announcements




GTL New Linker Alert




Linker Project Manager –

Samantha Flor

I am a senior at Fordham University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Communications!

Passions: Learning how cultures intersect with one another while remaining their own unique
identities; discovering ways on how to best use the law to help children thrive in school;
mentoring and fostering relationships with students to help them succeed in their goals and life
purpose; and watching Korean thrillers while trying new Korean food!

Fun Fact: I have once met one of the members of the Beach Boys, and I hope to one day build
my own school for economically disadvantaged children.

Why GTL?: I am excited to work with Learners in helping to improve upon their abilities to
make them as strong as can be while also boosting their confidence, and I am looking forward to
creating and learning new things from my fellow Linkers. I also can’t wait to hold webinars and
programs to foster more meaningful relationships while sharing my passions.



GTL In Case You Missed It!




A Smashing Success!

Thank you to everyone who joined the kick-off event for the GTL Mental Health Initiative!! Lots of games, community building, and mental health information.In order to get to know you all even better, and especially in terms of your unique mental health needs, we would love to hear your voices in a short, anonymous survey.




Harvest Season,
Turning a New Leaf

With October soon ending, we thought we could highlight traditions that revolve around the harvest season, new life, and death such as Halloween!




Dia De Los Muertos 

One time a year, our departed come back to celebrate with us… 

A dedication to the deceased:

Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) is a two-day holiday that reunites the living and dead. Families create ofrendas (Offerings) to honor their departed family members that have passed. These altars are decorated with bright yellow marigold flowers, photos of the departed, and the favorite foods and drinks of the one being honored. The offerings are believed to encourage visits from the land of the dead as the departed souls hear their prayers, smell their foods, and join in the celebrations!

Day of the Dead is a rare holiday for celebrating death and life. It is unlike any holiday where mourning is exchanged for celebration.

“Day of the Dead is a holiday to remember loved ones by sharing a meal with them as one would when they were alive.” 

To read more about Day of the Dead, click here >>>





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