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“Crunching, crinkling autumn leaves, spiraling, swirling in the breeze.”

GTL General Updates

This Week –
  • Linkers Maya, Lava, Chantal, Yukta, and Lee will be hosting a follow-up interview with a potential Linker.
  • Linkers on the Program and Service Development team meet this week to discuss our GTL services and brochure.
  • Our Linkers will be attending the UCAN Internship Fair to recruit new Linkers. Good luck everyone!
  • VIDEO GAME PARTY!! Coming soon, so stay tuned for more updates this month.
  • Linkers on the Operations and Marketing teams will also meet this week!
  • Linker Chantal is working with a Learner this week on College-level humanities study and philosophy.
  • Mental Health Awareness! Linkers Annie and Rebecca are passionate about mental health and have created a mental health-related newsletter! 
  • The GTL Newsletter is looking for submissions!!
    • Send in blog posts, activities you’re involved in, poetry, art, interesting articles, cool opportunities; etc. Reply to this email with your ideas.  
  • LEARNERS—We’d love to hear from you about your experience with any GTL services you’ve been a part of! Respond to this email with anything you’d like to share ?
  • Monthly GTL Community Events — keep a lookout for monthly programming and events for Learners, Linkers, and the greater GTL community!!
    • Have suggestions or ideas about events you’d like to see? Let us know by responding to this email. 

Last Week – 

  • Linker Maya interviewed two potential Linkers last week.
  • Linker Lava helped refine working group descriptions that allow the GTL Team to focus on specific short and long-term goals for the Community.
  • Linkers Chantal and Annie continued their sessions with one of our Learners who is interested in creating fantasy stories!
  • Linker Zhengyang continued working on the website intro video to be engaging and informative, as well as reworked some website graphics! Great job.

GTL Service Highlight

Learning Companion – Learner Marathon

GTL’s Learner Marathon service offers intensive curricula custom-tailored to each of our student’s goals.  From preparing for college entrance exams to skill development, the Learning Companion services are more than tutoring but also active application of curricula designed to improve students’ skills.

Create long-lasting progress today! 

Click on the picture or the hyperlink for more information! 

GTL Blog Spotlight

The Vision Within a Vision Board
by Thato Seerane

According to Sarah Regan, “a vision board is essentially a physical (or digital) manifestation of your goals”.  

These can be personal, professional, spiritual, physical or even psychological goals. Unlike New Year’s resolutions, a vision board does not only apply to a specific year. You can use it to set goals for the year, the next five years or even for your lifetime aspirations. It is all up to you. Creating a vision board can be a reflective, fun and reenergizing activity.
Click here to read the full article >>>

GTL Announcements

November Video Game Party!

~coming soon~

Get ready for some more friendly competition and lots of laughs at our next GTL Video Game Club Event. More information coming soon.

Native American
Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month! To honor Indigenous People past and present, GTL will highlight historical events and persons related to the legacy of Native people that continues to this day.  


Native American Maps (and Ideas) that Shaped the Nation 

 by Neely Tucker, Library of Congress Blog

The United States is built over the already existing identities and place names of Native Americans who lived in North America for thousands of years before European settlers arrived, a fact borne out by scanning the modern map of the nation.

From Alabama to Alaska, from Mississippi to Massachusetts, about half of all state names are taken directly or indirectly from Native American cultures and languages, including Oklahoma, Kentucky, Utah, Missouri, Michigan and North and South Dakota.

These historical fingerprints are a good thing to remember during Native American Heritage Month because, as the Library’s collections document, the influence of Native Americans on the nation’s identity goes much deeper.

Let’s take the map above as an example. 

It looks like an early rendering of New York (named for the British Duke of York and Albany), but is actually the territory of the indigenous Haudenosaunee, also known as the Iroquois Confederacy or Six Nations, as it existed in 1720. The Haudenosaunee (Ho-de-no-SHOW-nee) nations had been founded on the territory of what is now New York centuries earlier. The map’s full title is “Map of Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee-Ga: Or The Territories Of The People Of The Long House.” It shows the “names of their villages, lakes, rivers, streams & ancient localities, and the courses of their principal trails.”

Haudenosaunee is the word for the wood and bark houses that extended families, or clans, lived in. The houses mostly ranged from 80 to 120 feet long, with interior rooms connected by a central hallway. (“Iroquois” is of French origin, and not how the Haudenosaunee generally refer to themselves.)

To read more click here >>>

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