Our gtl community is composed of ….




Learners are people like you and me! Everyone is a Learner, and we all want to improve ourselves and uplift eachother in this closely connected community.


A Partner is a professional or organization that offers learning solutions through teaching knowledge, training skills, and making assessments.

Linkers Prime
Linkers Prime


A Partner is a professional or organization that offers learning solutions through teaching knowledge, training skills, and making assessments.



A Linker is like an older sibling or an experienced specialist who builds a personal connection with you and supports you in achieving your academic and personal goals.   


Gtl 3-Tiered System

INDIVIDUAL: Learner Sprint 

  • A 4-week 8-step program to design and implement an individualized action plan 
  • Develop an understanding of self and define learning goals 
  • Help with researching and identifying resources, connections, and challenges
  • Safe space to practice self-awareness and self-exploration 


  • Access to Linkers’ channels, workshops, and office hours. 
  • Interact with Linkers and peers via open channels and chat groups.  
  • Enhance learning through peer feedback and collaboration 
  • Share and discover interests and passions 


  • Attend webinars created by mentors and guests 
  • Share personal stories and invite friends to enrich the community
  • Connect with others from around the world to build new learning circles and enrich global understanding
  • Access shared information and resources 
The community shares free content via webinars, blog posts, and linker hours. Webinars are hosted by Linkers on various academic and personal development topics. These webinars can be joined live, or Learners can watch the recordings of previous webinars on our Teams, WeChat, or Youtube channel. Blog posts are written by Linkers, Partners, and Academic Advisors to GTL and can be accessed through the GTL website. Linker hours are designated times where select Linkers are available weekly for individual queries on Teams.

Social Media & Mental Health

Dangerous Mindsets  Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter continue to serve as powerful mediums for sharing information, personal passions, business ventures, and enjoyable content. Through the past decade, social media has become an integral part of...

Replace Procrastination with Productivity

Struggling to Stay on Track  Students fall victim to unproductive patterns throughout an academic term such as starting an assignment close to its deadline, doing unrelated activities instead of the assignment, and saying that they will start ‘later.’ These issues all...

Five Tips for Becoming Multilingual

What is ‘multilingualism’?  Learning how to speak another language challenges all of us, and becoming truly fluent can feel like a daunting goal. We make the most out of the resources within our reach, whether they be a pocketbook of translations, mobile apps, or the...

The Importance and Benefits of Creative Outlets

Creativity is a defining characteristic of what it means to be human. Our predisposition to ask questions and seek solutions has led to entire civilizations being formed, from the manufacturing of tools to the exploration of undiscovered land. There is no doubt that...

(Early Career) Interviewing Skills in the Age of COVID

Now more than ever, it is important to put time, thought, and attention in our careers. Before we look at the necessary skills to excel in the interview and get the job, it is essential that you research the company and/or organization and know why you want to...

Meditation and Mindfulness for the Everyday

When we think of meditation, the first thing that might pop into our mind is absolute silence, or even an attempt to wipe our minds clean of thoughts that may be stressing us out. For many of us, this may be hard to fathom, or even near impossible. However, there are...

How do you leverage strengths in your family?

Frequently, we focus on if children make their milestones as they develop. When they do not, doctors, teachers, other specialists as well as other parents help us get our children to hit these milestones. Instead of focusing on what is absent, I propose that we start...

Guanxi (关系) and the Importance of Relationship Building during Covid-19

Humans are inherently social creatures. We are built this way. Other animals are too, but given the profound capacities of our brains, and our distinct languages, speech patterns, and mannerisms, we have the ability to ask why, pursue advancement, solve world...

The Advantages, the Importance, and the Value of Mentorship

Many of us have had to sail through unchartered waters without the right gear or conditions. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a guide? To have someone help you along the way, so you did not feel so alone or lost? Mentorship allows for us to have a partner that...